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Related article: Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 23:18:34 -0700 (PDT) From: traumarei Subject: After School with FriendsDisclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It continues a two-part story titled "After School" in the Gay: Masturbation section. Reading that story will give you a clearer idea of what happened before the current installment. It was a Thursday afternoon late in February, about 4:30. 12-year-old Kyle was lying on his bed, naked, with cum splattered across his chest. One lubricated hand was on his cock. The other hand was down under his balls, with one finger pushed into his butthole. Picture of a young gay kid jacking off.He lay there panting, his breathing slowly going back to normal. In the last month or so, this had gotten pretty normal, since the first time he put his finger in during his after-school jacking off sessions. A lot of times he didn't put it in, but sometimes he did. Each time, the feeling was really strong. At first, he'd been kind of grossed out each time after he came, but now he'd done it enough that mostly he just felt kind of tired and wrung-out afterwards, in a good sort of way. He knew that in another two or three days, he'd feel like putting something inside himself again.Kyle knew he was pretty ordinary-looking. It didn't bother him. Brown hair about halfway down the ears. Brown eyes. Taller than a lot of kids in his class, but not really tall. Not skinny, but no extra fat either. A bit of a geek. He liked to do well in school, but he liked hanging out and playing video games as well. Right now, his favorite game was playing with his joystick during the afternoon before his mom got home from work. He grinned.Over the last couple of weeks, he'd been thinking more about the other boys at school. Wondering if they were jacking off. Wondering which ones were jacking off. Wondering which ones might be up to jacking off with a friend.It was starting to get in the way of his attention during class. He'd be listening to the teacher, and then he'd find himself looking at one of the other boys in front of him and imagining what he'd look like naked. Meeting guys in Preteen Lesbians the hall, he'd check them out to see if he could spot a bulge that might be a hardon. Since they were 12 and 13 just like him, he was sure that a lot of the time they had to be boning up. It sure seemed like he always had a boner.He'd tried jacking off in the bathroom during lunch hour, but every time he went, it seemed like there were a couple of other boys going at it in the other stalls, which just made things worse. He'd shoot off, but then in another half-hour he'd be hard again--and this time with new memories to make him even more aware that all the other boys around him were going through puberty, just like he was. More reasons to imagine their naked bodies and their hard cocks.Gym class was the worst. Fortunately, there was always a handful of guys with erections in the locker room, so Kyle's frequent hardons didn't stand out too much. (Realizing the mental pun he'd just made, he groaned at himself.) Still, a lot of times he went through gym class in a daze, imagining what the skin was like under the skimpy uniforms instead of concentrating on what he was supposed to be doing. He was starting to get a reputation as a klutz.He didn't really mind. The fuel that he got for his jacking-off fantasies was worth a few basketballs and volleyballs on the head.Which brought him to his latest project.Kyle'd decided he was tired of doing nothing but jacking off by himself. It was time to start having a sex life with more than just his two hands.He wasn't under any illusions. The chances of finding another gay boy who wanted to experiment with him weren't very high. Still, he bet that if they were approached in the right way, a lot of his classmates would be fine with jacking off with another guy. Okay, so maybe it wasn't what you'd call hot gay sex, but it would be a start. Besides, he wasn't sure he was ready for all that other stuff anyway. He'd be happy if he could just trade someone else's hands on his cock for his. He giggled.Now, the only question was how to make it happen.################################################Thinking about messing around with other guys was starting to make his penis hard again, reminding him that he was still naked. Slowly, he cleaned himself off with some kleenexes and pulled on his clothes, while he thought about what he would need to do.The best way, he thought, would be to get someone else to come over after school and let things come up naturally after that. (He grinned to himself at the thought of things "coming up naturally.") Make it all look casual.Who should he try it with? Not someone who was really popular and could mess him up at school if things didn't go right. Not someone who would freak out about it. Not someone who was a lot bigger than Kyle. Maybe someone who was a little backward socially, so he'd be more likely to go along with stuff just because Kyle suggested it and not talk to anyone afterwards. Kyle lay back on his bed, pictures of the boys he knew flashing through his head as he sorted out which ones might be worth trying something with.################################################Kyle eventually settled on Ryan Turpin as his best choice. Ryan was small and talked a lot. He had several friends, but wasn't really popular. Best of all, he seemed to like Kyle and had shown some signs of wanting to hang around with him.Kyle almost felt bad about himself when he saw the big grin on Ryan's face when he invited him over to spend some time playing video games after school. He pushed the thought into the back of his mind, telling himself that if everything went the way he wanted, Ryan would have just as much fun as he did.It was the next Tuesday when Ryan came home on the bus with Kyle. The two boys dropped their backpacks in the living room. Kyle got each of them a pop, then led them up to his room.He knew the next few minutes were key. He had to get things started right or they wouldn't go where he wanted them to go."So Ryan. What'd you think of Mrs. Gonzalez' story about her stupid cat?" Mrs. Gonzalez was their social studies teacher."Oh, man. She's so lame.""What were you saying to Toby?""It was so funny! Each time she said 'cat,' he would whisper 'pussy' to me. So I started whispering back at him about how nice and soft her pussy was, and Preteen Lesbians how she like to pe-pet it, and everything." Ryan was laughing so hard by this point that he had a hard time talking. Kyle was laughing too, though mostly he was thinking to himself that this was a promising direction for the conversation. He didn't want to move too quickly, though.They talked a few minutes more about school and classes (they both thought their math teacher, Mr. Yerchak, was really wacko), some of the other kids at school (including the huge mess Ricky Tarantello had made at lunch when he tripped and tipped over the table that had all the salad dressing and ketchup and stuff), and video games they liked. Kyle heard a 10-minute description, complete with excited hand gestures, about how Ryan had beaten the latest level on his current RPG the night before.Finally Ryan wound down, and Kyle decided it was time to start edging toward his real interests for the afternoon. He decided to start things slow."So what do you like to do in the afternoons when you get home from school?" he asked, leaning back against the wall from where he was sitting on his bed. He did his best to make the question seem casual."Nothing." Kyle was watching, though, and he saw the slight blush. Bullseye."I really like it when I first get home. It's nice and private. I can kind of wind down before I start working on my homework." He rubbed his crotch a bit through his trousers, not as if it meant anything in particular but more like he was scratching himself. Ryan's eyes, Preteen Lesbians though, were big on what he was doing. "A Preteen Lesbians lot of times things happen in school to make me horny, like you and Toby messing around about pussies in Gonzalez' class. I bet you were horny then." He laughed."Yeah." Ryan laughed too, but to Kyle he seemed a bit nervous. Well, might as well push ahead."Actually, I'm pretty horny now. It'd be really nice to jack off." This time he patted his crotch more deliberately.Ryan gulped. Kyle didn't say anything. Then he whispered, "I bet you're horny too."Ryan was definitely nervous now. But along with that Kyle thought he could see that Ryan also *was* feeling horny and wanted to do something about it, if he could just get over being scared. Kyle rubbed his thumb up and down the by-now-obvious bulge in the front of his pants a couple of times, slowly. Ryan watched, and licked his lips. Then Kyle looked straight at the other boy."Want to jack off together?"Ryan looked like he wanted to say yes, but was too scared. Instead, he didn't say anything, but just kept watching as Kyle stroked again up and down on his bulge."It's just having fun together, doing what all boys do when they get to be our age."Ryan spoke. "I--I shouldn't.""Why not?" Kyle kept his voice calm and unthreatening. "We're just doing the same thing we'd be doing anyway, me up in my room, you up in your room. Right?"Ryan didn't say anything, but just stared at Kyle's hand, still slowly stroking up and down. "Right?" he repeated."Um, yeah. I guess." Ryan blushed a brilliant red."It's just a normal guy thing," Kyle repeated softly, still looking at Ryan.The other boy shuddered. Then, half-defiantly, he nodded his head. "Yeah," he said, more definitely this time. "Yeah, it is."Kyle nodded. Preteen Lesbians Then, slowly, he unzipped his pants, lifted his hips, and slip his pants and underwear down a few inches, exposing his erect penis.They both sat there a minute, Ryan looking at Kyle's cock standing straight and hard, Kyle looking at Ryan. Ryan gulped. Then with an abrupt motion he pulled down his zipper, then pushed down his pants and briefs, revealing his own hard cock.It was smaller than Kyle's, about four inches long and a bright angry red, cut, sticking almost straight up. Kyle's first thought was that it looked almost cute. Then he shook his head slightly. Bad idea even to think something like that, in case he wound up saying it by accident."C'mon over here," he said, gesturing to the side of his bed. "More comfortable. You can lean back."Hesitantly, Ryan got up from Kyle's desk chair and sat on the bed, a couple of feet away from Kyle. Kyle gestured him to scoot back against the wall, like Kyle was. Then Kyle grabbed a couple of pillows to put behind their backs. He took one, Ryan took the other."I like lying back like this," said Kyle. "Makes it easier to relax.""Yeah." Just a one-word answer, but better than nothing.Kyle wrapped a hand around his cock and slowly started stroking. He wanted to make sure it lasted a while, so he could talk a bit to Ryan and hopefully get him to relax a little. After a minute, Ryan wrapped his hand around his own cock and started stroking at the same pace."Oh man, this feels good." Kyle gave an exaggerated sigh of pleasure."Do you always jerk off on your bed like this?" Ryan had settled into a rhythm. Kyle had to keep telling himself not to stare at the small red end of Ryan's cock, poking in and out of the other boy's small fist. He was happy that Ryan was comfortable enough to talk while he was stroking himself; he didn't want to run the risk of Preteen Lesbians making the other boy nervous again by making him think he was perving on him. Even though he kind of was."Usually. Each day actually, right after school. What about you?"Ryan shook his head. "You're lucky. My mother and little sisters are already at home when I get there." He blushed again, as if talking about his mother made him think again about what he was doing.Kyle decided to try to keep him talking. "You ever have a name for it?""Huh?""A name for your cock. So you can talk to it." He wiggled his cock at Ryan. In a high cartoon voice, he said, "I'm Mr. Happy. Who are you?"Ryan snickered. "Geez, Kyle, you're weird.""And you smell like dirty underwear, but that's okay anyway, cause you're jacking off on my bed.""Pervert." Ryan laughed. They jacked off together in friendly silence for another minute or two.Kyle decided it was time to ramp things up a bit. He'd been planning to see if he could work Ryan up to them jacking each other off. He could tell, though, that it was too early to suggest it. Instead, he started stroking himself more deeply and slowly. "Oh, yeah," he said, dragging out his words and closing his eyes while he stroked. "Oh, man. Fuck, that feels good."He opened his eyes slightly, and glanced quickly at Ryan. The other boy was stroking faster now, and he was watching Kyle's hand as it slowly massaged his cock. Oh, yeah, Kyle thought. That turned him on, all right.Deliberately, Kyle let out a loud groan. Then he decided to finish himself off. He closed his eyes again and set a new pace, each stroke starting at the base of his penis and pulling firmly up the shaft and up over the top, his rhythm steady and definite. He let out a small sound each time as his palm passed over the sensitive spot on the underside, just at the top of his shaft. To his surprise, he noticed that making the noises actually seemed to make the feelings a little more intense. I'll have to remember that, he thought.In the background, he heard Ryan gasping, and the sound of frantic stroking. It's working, he thought.Then his orgasm hit, taking him by surprise. He gasped, while his foot flexed up and down. Three streams of cum shot past his now-still hand, up onto his chest.He opened his eyes. Ryan was leaning over him to see better, his mouth making a big O as his hand stroked frantically up and down. I bet this is the first time he's ever seen cum, Kyle realized.Then Ryan's orgasm hit. His whole body stiffened and his hand stopped moving, while his face got a look as if he was in pain. His eyes clenched shut. From where he was lying, Kyle could see the muscles in Ryan's cock tightening with each new spasm as he rode out the feeling, though nothing came out.Finally it was over. The other boy sighed, an exhausted, contented sounding sigh."Great one, wasn't it?" Kyle asked. He could hardly contain the excitement in his voice. His plan had worked, at least partway.Ryan shuddered and opened his eyes. Then as Kyle was watching, a strange look came over his face. Shame, Kyle realized. Ryan wasn't happy about what they'd done. Ryan was ashamed.It was like someone had dumped cold water over his head."I have to go now," Ryan muttered. He was looking down at the bedclothes."You better get dressed first," Kyle joked. It was a stupid thing to say, but he was still in shock from the other boy's reaction.Ryan jerked his hand away from his softening cock, as if he had only just then realized he was still holding it. "Sorry," he said, and started tucking himself back inside his clothes and putting them all together properly again."But we never got to play video games," said Kyle, panicking a little. Fuck it, he thought to himself. I thought I was being so careful."No. I'm sorry, I just--" Ryan suddenly expelled a breath, then looked straight at Kyle, for the first time since they'd started jacking off. "It was great. You were great. I, I really like you," he stuttered. "It was all fun. Hanging out, and, and the sex part as well. It's just--""Just that it kind of feels weird now that it's over," supplied Kyle."Yeah," Ryan said, relief showing in his face because Kyle had understood. "Yeah, it just--feels weird, that's all, right now."The fuck it is, thought Kyle. "I hope we're still friends," he said. It was what had to be said next, Kyle knew, to keep this from blowing up in his face completely, anymore than it had already."Sure we are." Ryan halfway smiled. "I'd--I'd like to get together again. Even," he drew a breath, "even maybe the sex stuff, sometime. But not today. And not, well, not for awhile, okay?""Okay," Kyle said. What else could he say? He was still in a daze, first from how well his plan had seemed to be going, then from how quickly and disastrously it seemed to go wrong.Ryan pulled on his socks and shoes. He hesitated a minute, then gave Kyle a quick peck on the cheek. Face flaming, he darted out the door and down the stairs. A minute later, Kyle heard the downstairs door slam shut as Ryan left the apartment.Kyle, shocked, put a hand to his cheek, where he'd just been kissed. By a boy. By Ryan.What the fuck had just happened? More to come... (c) 2008 by Traumarei. All rights reserved. Other stories I've had posted on Nifty include:- After School (Gay: Masturbation)- Church Overnighter (Gay: Young Friends)- Borrowed Time (Gay: High School) (in process)- Good Friends (Gay: High School)- Little Brother (Gay: Incest)- Middle School Empath (Gay: Science Fiction or Fantasy)- Old Pornographer (Gay: Masturbation)
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